getAbstract Links Up with LinkedIn Learning

the world’s largest library of compressed knowledge, is partnering with
LinkedIn to provide direct, single-site access to its collection of over
18,000 summaries of books, TED Talks and articles through the LinkedIn
Learning online education platform.

LinkedIn Learning users, who are also mutual customers of getAbstract,
will be able to directly access the getAbstract library through the
LinkedIn Learning platform, providing a better, more efficient
experience for customers and learners. Learners will not have to switch
between sites or worry about multiple logins when accessing content from
the two knowledge providers, eliminating overhead and reducing web page
shuffling. Access to getAbstract content will simply be switched on by
request to LinkedIn for mutual getAbstract customers, providing users
with a single platform and interface to engage with LinkedIn Learning’s
expert-led courses supplemented by getAbstract’s curated collection of
pertinent summaries.

“We’re excited to provide our customers with the ability to give their
employees a single destination to access, search and discover all of
their organization’s content and give admins the opportunity to create
custom learning paths and curriculum from multiple content sources. We
know getAbstract is a valued resource for many of our customers and we
look forward to showcasing their content inside LinkedIn Learning,” says
Christie Kim, Head of Business Development, LinkedIn Learning.

“LinkedIn Learning and getAbstract are complementary content providers,”
said Thomas Bergen, Co-Founder and CEO, getAbstract. “We have mutual
customers, so it is natural for us to be supporting each other. LinkedIn
Learning provides more than 13,000 courses across business, creative and
technical categories while getAbstract’s summaries of business books,
videos and articles are the perfect match, providing concise knowledge
and additional depth for learners.”

About getAbstract

getAbstract believes in progress through knowledge. Since its foundation
in 1999, the company’s mission has been to give people the knowledge
they need to make better decisions in business and in their private
lives. At its core, getAbstract finds, rates and summarizes the top
business books, articles and video talks into 10-minute abstracts.
Today, the company is the world’s leading provider of compressed

getAbstract offers more than 18,000 text and audio summaries in areas
such as leadership, finance, innovation, health and science. The company
has already sold over 15 million licenses and supports its users in
their personal and professional development. Many of the world’s largest
companies, including more than one-third of the Fortune 100, offer their
employees access to getAbstract. For more information, please visit
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