Lipoprotein(a) Foundation Hosts Gala Fundraiser to Celebrate Opening of Lipoprotein Exhibition at the International Museum of Surgical Science

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Lipoprotein(a) Foundation:





Lipoprotein(a) Foundation
is hosting a Gala Fundraiser
to celebrate the opening of the “Understanding Lipoproteins:
Research, Treatment and Relationship to Cholesterol” exhibition at
the International Museum of Surgical Science (IMSS)

∙ All proceeds from the Hope Gala go to support the REVEAL
Lipoprotein(a) Patient Natural History Registry to further Lp(a)

∙ Sponsored by Amgen, Inc., Akcea Therapeutics, Denka Seiken,
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Kaneka Corporation and IONIS

∙ The Hope Gala will showcase the “Understanding Lipoproteins”
Exhibition, which is dedicated to pioneering University of Chicago
researcher, Angelo
M. Scanu, M.D.

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The Hope Gala: Lp(a) Research From the Bench to the Clinic:
Reflections on the Past, the Present and the Future
place on Saturday, November 10 at 7pm

∙ The “Understanding Lipoproteins” exhibit opens to the public on
Monday, November 12

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International Museum of Surgical Science (IMSS)

1524. N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL



The “Understanding Lipoproteins” exhibit reviews the health
impact of lipoproteins, particles in the blood that carry what is
often referred to as “bad” and “good” cholesterol

∙ It is estimated that 63 million in the US have inherited high

∙ Lp(a) concentrations can be measured by a simple blood test, but
it is not included in most standard lipid panel tests that check
cholesterol levels

∙ A study published in JACC shows that the current cholesterol
screening will miss 8% of people who have a cardiovascular event
whose only risk factor is high Lp(a)



The following cardiovascular event survivors and cardiovascular
disease experts are available to discuss hereditary risks of
cardiovascular disease associated with Lp(a):

∙ Sandra Revill Tremulis, survivor and founder of Lipoprotein(a)

∙ Celina Edelstein, University of Chicago research scientist and
Dr Scanu’s colleague

∙ Henry Ginsberg, MD Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
and Chief Medical Officer for The Lipoprotein(a) Foundation

∙ Monica Stokes, International Museum of Surgical Science