Artis REIT Selects VTS to Transform its Leasing and Asset Management Processes

the commercial real estate industry’s leading leasing and asset
management platform, today announced that Artis
(Artis), one of the largest diversified commercial real estate
investment trusts in Canada, has selected VTS to manage its leasing and
asset management processes. The company will bring 10 million square
feet of office, 10 million square feet of industrial, and 4 million
square feet of retail space across the U.S. and Canada onto the VTS
and asset management platform

The VTS platform will enable Artis to modernize and standardize
portfolio operations, and will give the team complete visibility into
overall occupancy and availabilities. Using VTS offerings including VTS
Tenant Relationship Management (TRM)
Deal Approvals and Tasks
, and reporting
, Artis will be able to accelerate deal velocity and
produce higher-quality reports for shareholders instantly. VTS will be
fully integrated into Artis’ accounting system and be the system of the
record for the business teams.

“VTS is extremely proud to welcome Artis REIT, one of Canada’s top 10
real estate investment trusts, to the platform,” said Nick Romito, CEO
and Co-Founder of VTS. “VTS will enable Artis’ teams to make faster and
more informed leasing decisions that drive performance across its
significant portfolio. We couldn’t be more excited to work with the
Artis team as they transform their approach to leasing and asset
management and completely modernize their organization.”

“What attracted us most to VTS is the ability to gain real-time
transparency across our portfolio, which will allow us to understand our
exact occupancy and vacancy rates, and pinpoint where we need to focus
our leasing efforts,” said Jim Green, CFO of Artis REIT. “By managing
our end-to-end leasing process on VTS, our teams can make more strategic
decisions and close deals faster. Furthermore, the ability to instantly
generate reports that reflect accurate, up-to-date information for our
shareholders is a gamechanger.”

The VTS platform manages more than 9 billion square feet of office,
retail, and industrial commercial real estate, has a user base exceeding
34,000 and boasts an impressive client roster that Artis REIT now joins.
VTS recently announced plans for
VTS MarketView™
, the commercial real estate industry’s first-ever
foray into real-time benchmarking and market analytics. With MarketView,
VTS’ clients will be able to compare, in real-time, their performance
versus market benchmarks for critical operational, financial, and supply
and demand metrics, enabling commercial real estate landlords to
optimize their leasing performance and drive better leasing and
investment decisions.

About VTS

VTS is the commercial real estate industry’s leading leasing and asset
management platform. Landlords use VTS to maximize portfolio performance
by transforming their leasing and asset management process, enabling
them to acquire the right tenants faster, sign the right deals at the
best economics, and optimize the renewal process – reducing costly
downtime. Brokers can manage their deal pipeline and get tenants into
empty spaces faster, collaborate across teams and work easily with their
landlord clients using VTS for Brokers.

VTS is the driving force behind the industry’s shift toward real-time
data – the platform manages over 9 billion square feet and a user base
exceeding 34,000, boasting an impressive client roster that includes top
names such as Beacon Capital, Blackstone, LaSalle Investment Management,
Hines, Boston Properties, JLL and CBRE.

About Artis REIT

Artis is a diversified Canadian real estate investment trust investing
in office, retail and industrial properties. Since 2004, Artis has
executed an aggressive but disciplined growth strategy, building a
portfolio of commercial properties in British Columbia, Alberta,
Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and select markets in the United States.
As of June 30, 2018, Artis’ commercial property comprises approximately
24.5 million square feet of leasable area.

During the three months ended June 30, 2018, Property Net Operating
Income (“Property NOI”) by asset class, including Artis’ proportionate
share of properties held in joint venture arrangements, was
approximately 53.1% office, 20.6% retail and 26.3% industrial. Property
NOI by geographical region, including Artis’ proportionate share of
properties held in joint venture arrangements, was approximately 4.2% in
British Columbia, 21.6% in Alberta, 6.1% in Saskatchewan, 13.2% in
Manitoba, 11.3% in Ontario, 8.7% in Arizona, 18.4% in Minnesota, 9.1% in
Wisconsin and 7.4% in U.S. – Other.

Property NOI is a non-GAAP measure. Artis calculates Property NOI as
revenues less property operating expenses such as utilities, repairs and
maintenance and realty taxes. Property NOI does not include charges for
interest or other expenses not specific to the day-to-day operation of
the REIT’s properties.

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