Voxpro Survey Reveals Consumer Preferences for Engaging with Chatbots for Customer Experience

– powered by TELUS International
, a provider of beautiful customer
experiences, technical support and sales operations solutions, announced
today the results of its survey, “Voxpro CX Index: At the Corner of
Technology and Human Experience.” The survey, which polled 1,000 U.S.
consumers, reveals insights about customer experiences and attitudes
toward using automation and chat features for customer service.

Despite the promise of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
technology, such as chatbots, to transform customer experiences, the
majority of consumers have still yet to engage via these types of
channels, according to the survey. Results demonstrate that the human
touch is still an incredibly valuable and necessary tool to drive
excellent customer experiences. Additionally, as data continues to grow
and become a significant part of business strategies, brands are looking
to use this data to provide more personalized, faster customer service
interactions. However, the survey reveals significant insights around
how consumers feel about businesses storing their data and using it to
drive personalized experiences.

As brands prepare for the busy holiday shopping season, the key insights
uncovered from the survey can help inform customer service strategies –
including how to engage customers and best communicate how their data is
being used and stored.

AI is most preferred when combined with the human touch.
to the Voxpro survey, 68 percent of consumers still have not used
chatbots to contact a brand. For 56 percent of those consumers, the
reason they haven’t used chat or automated features is because they
prefer experiences with real people. For those who have used automated
or chat features, nearly half (47 percent) rated their experience as
either good or very good. Additionally, even though only 32 percent of
consumers have used chat or automated features, 49 percent would be
willing to use these features for information gathering, if they could
then ultimately speak to an agent to resolve their issue. These results
demonstrate that there is a place for AI in the customer experience, but
it must be accompanied by human interactions. While there are still
strides and improvements to make, the potential to streamline and
personalize interactions is too great to ignore.

Consumers and brands have trust issues.
The “Voxpro CX
Index: At the Corner of Technology and Human Experience” report revealed
that there is a clear trust issue between consumers and brands. In fact,
only 21 percent of consumers trust brands with their personal
information, and 27 percent of consumers have not used an automated
feature or chat, specifically because they do not trust these
technologies. Consumer data privacy continues to be a hot button issue,
with 45 percent of consumers saying that they do not want brands to
store their information because they are concerned about data breaches
or hacks. The takeaway here for brands is that there is a critical need
to educate customers and be transparent about how they are using,
storing and sharing consumer information.

Personalization cannot come at the price of compromised security.
personalization is critical to a beautiful customer experience,
consumers are still divided about whether or not they want brands to
have their information before they contact them – even if it is to
personalize and streamline the interaction. According to the Voxpro
survey, only 45 percent of consumers want brands to have their
information to streamline experiences. Further, for those that do prefer
brands store their information, the number one reason why is because it
is convenient and saves them time (65 percent). Speed and
personalization are clearly still priorities for customer experience,
but brands need to communicate clearly how they are securing data, and
why it is ultimately benefiting the consumer.

Generations disagree on customer experience.
generations, there are surprising disparities regarding how they prefer
to engage with brands, and their level of trust with them. While only 32
percent of consumers have used an automated system or advanced chat
feature, that number dips even lower to 22 percent when we look at
individuals aged 65 and older. This validates that, while adoption is
slow, younger generations are more willing to engage with automated
systems. Digging deeper into generational differences, the Voxpro survey
finds that 45 percent of people aged 55+ would prefer a brand have their
information before an interaction, while only 32 percent of 18-24 year
olds would prefer it. This surprising finding sheds light on the fact
that younger generations trust organizations even less with their
personal information than older consumers.

“There is an incredible opportunity for brands to adopt new technologies
that can drive beautiful, engaging customer experiences,” said Dan
Kiely, CEO and founder of Voxpro – powered by TELUS International. “But
this does not mean we eliminate the human element from customer service.
Working together, humans and technology can improve and streamline
customer experiences to build trust and loyalty within their customer

A critical takeaway from the survey is that businesses need deeper
digital integration across knowledge and communication platforms to
provide better customer experiences. Chatbots and other automation
technologies cannot solve complex customer problems alone or completely,
because they are not fully integrated with the knowledge layer. By
combining the efficiencies that automation and AI can deliver, with the
experience of interacting with humans, businesses can create memorable
customer experiences that lead to long-term, loyal customers.

About the “Voxpro CX Index: At the Corner of Technology and Human

In September 2018, Voxpro surveyed 1,000 U.S.
consumers who were planning to increase their shopping during the
holiday season this year (November and December 2018). For more
information and to download the report summary, please visit: https://info.voxprogroup.com/voxpro-cx-survey

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