Families Looking to Connect Offline Will Add Award-Winning North Star Games to Their Holiday Gift List

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–North Star Games, creator of the award-winning family games “Say
Anything” and “Wits and Wagers,” announced today the availability of
“Happy Salmon,” “Dude” and “More Dude,” at U.S. Target locations and

The two wildly popular games were designed to create simple, engaging
fun that brings families together and will be a perfect addition to
holiday gatherings nationwide. “Happy Salmon” (a 2018 Toy of the Year
Award finalist), “Dude” and “More Dude” require minimal learning time,
making them ideal for all ages and impromptu gatherings around the
family table. In addition, both feature fast-paced action with multiple,
ongoing opportunities to engage each other, which helps little ones (and
some adults) stay focused on the fun.

“These games exemplify exactly why North Star exists,” said Dominic
Crapuchettes, who co-founded the game company in 2003 with Satish
Pillalamarri. “Our company’s entire goal is to encourage more play,
especially among busy families that often struggle to find time to
simply unplug and enjoy each other’s company.”

A 2018
survey of 2,000 parents
revealed that American families spend just
37 minutes of quality time with each other each weekday. While that
number increases to two hours, forty minutes on Saturdays and Sundays,
the survey found that on average families spend fewer than nine hours of
“down time” each week together. Unfortunately, those hours are often
spent watching television or with faces glued to mobile phones and
tablet screens. Interactive and easy-to-learn games encourage
togetherness and provide an opportunity for family members to
communicate and learn from each other. “Happy Salmon,” “Dude” and “More
Dude” all possess qualities that have been demonstrated to help families
bond and communicate more effectively.

  • “Happy
    Designed for ages six and up, “Happy Salmon” is a
    simple, fast-paced card game where players move quickly to reveal the
    content of their cards, then celebrate with silly mimicry when two
    players’ cards match. Retails for $15.99. Check target.com for details.
  • “Dude”:
    Billed as “a game where you say dude,” this game (along with its
    companion, “More Dude”) keeps the laughs coming as players attempt to
    pronounce the correct way to say “dude” in scenarios depicted on
    cards. The game is for ages 13 and up and regularly retails for $10.99
    and is on sale for $8.79 the week of Nov. 26. Check target.com for

“We have discovered that most often, it’s not necessarily the end result
of winning or losing that keeps families engaged in playing games,” said
Crapuchettes. “It’s the laughter, the things they discover about each
other and the camaraderie they feel when everyone is focused on one
activity. In today’s world where kids are participating in multiple
activities and parents are overworked, even a couple of hours together
can make a huge difference.”

The creation of North Star Games was inspired by two life-changing
incidents that compelled the company’s co-founders to fundamentally
shift the focus of their lives. For 12 fishing seasons, Dominic
Crapuchettes captained an Alaskan salmon fishing boat, but always
dreamed about creating something greater. Adrift in a stormy sea, his
ship began to take on water that submerged all electronic navigation
equipment, forcing the captain to guide his boat using the North Star.
Crapuchettes vowed to pursue his dream if he survived the night. While
not death defying, an appearance on TV’s “Jeopardy!” proved to be the
turning point for Satish Pillalamarri. His successful career with a New
York hedge fund was lucrative, but not rewarding. Pillalamarri’s
appearance on the game show convinced him to shift his life’s focus away
from the cubicle-centered world of hedge funds.

Since the company’s founding, North Star Games has accumulated several
awards for its current roster of games and toys. The company recently
celebrated the 10th anniversary of its most successful game,
“Say Anything.”

About North Star Games

Founded in 2003, North Star Games encourages people to Never Stop
Playing™ through its extensive roster of fun, interactive and engaging
board and card games. The company has become a beacon for families,
friends and acquaintances who are seeking new ways to communicate, learn
and discover friendships or renew family relationships. For more
information, visit www.northstargames.com.