The World-Famous Toughman Contest is Coming Back!

BAY CITY, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Toughman Contest, one of the most exciting and controversial combat
sporting brands of all time, seeks a return to the limelight with a
professional version of its storied single elimination tournament.

Toughman Contest was started in 1979 by Art Dore and his friends in Bay
City, Michigan to determine the toughest and spread quickly like
wildfire. In its heyday, Toughman events were held at top Las Vegas
Casinos, broadcast live on Fox Sports, FX Network, Showtime and
international networks and 150 record Toughman Contests were conducted.
The 1983 Hollywood movie “Tough Enough” and the Sega Genesis “Toughman
Contest” all help make Toughman a cultural phenomenon. Toughman also
launched the careers of many superstars, including Mister T. and Tommie
Morrison, who both starred in Rocky movies, and Butterbean, the King of

The new series, Toughman Pro, features eight (8) professional
boxers in a winner-take-all Battle Royale. Contestants are
selected via open casting of experienced boxers, who are then randomly
matched by drawing of lots. The first event (Toughman Pro Genesis)
is slated for Spring 2019 and billed “Night of the Heavies” because it
features heavyweights in a free-for-all. Toughman Pro Genesis
will be a major pay-per-view broadcasted on all seven major US cable
systems, air in Canada and Mexico and be syndicated internationally,
worldwide as feasible.

Toughman Pro reintroduces to the United States the tournament format
still found in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and many
Commonwealth countries. Fighters are dual-matched in an old-fashioned Battle
featuring seven (7) tournament face-offs (four Quarterfinals,
two Semifinals and a Finale). Winners get a Grand Prize of $10,000 to $1
Million, a customized truck and an assortment of prizes. Losers go home
with only an appearance fee and incentive bonuses.

Unlike the original, Toughman Pro tournaments are 100% licensed and
fully sanctioned by the applicable State Boxing Commission. Further, the
series uses standard state boxing rules and regulations, British Boxing
Board of Control tournament rules, as well as proprietary Toughman Pro
rules to ensure maximum safety and optimal excitement. Lastly,
combatants are licensed professionals and fights must be completed in
one night!