Elanco Animal Health and Farm Radio International Partner to Drive Change for Small-Scale Livestock Farmers in North Tanzania

BASEL, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elanco Animal Health Incorporated (NYSE:ELAN) and Farm Radio
International (FRI) have partnered to produce a 13-week series of radio
programs designed to support and educate small-scale livestock farmers
in North Tanzania to manage the challenges around livestock health and
wellbeing, supporting a drive to greater food security, livestock health
and care in the region.

FRI and Elanco are working closely with local radio stations – Sauti ya
Injili and Loliondo FM – to produce a short series of interactive radio
programs, enabling listeners to make informed decisions, and have access
to relevant animal health care products and training. The project aims
to use radio to reach a widespread, rural population which has little
access to agricultural services and reaching women who are crucial in
livestock keeping. At the same time, FRI supports and develops the local
broadcasters with training support during the production and airing
phases of the agricultural programs.

The programs are currently being aired until December 14th
2018 as follows:

  • Radio Sauti ya Injili for Kilimanjaro and Tanga with the frequencies
    93.6 FM in Moshi every Thursday from 7:30 to 8:00 pm and repeats on
    Monday 6:00 to 6:30 pm.
  • Loliondo FM with the frequency 107.7 airs every Tuesday from 8:00 to
    8:30 pm and repeats on Saturday 8:00 to 8:30 pm.

Elanco’s support of the radio campaign with FRI forms part of a
ground-breaking project to provide sustainable development solutions to
address food insecurity in East African countries – Tanzania, Kenya and
Uganda. The East Africa Growth Accelerator (EAGA) is Elanco’s first pure
‘Shared Value’ project which is made possible through a $3.1 million
grant from the Bill Melinda Gates foundation. The grant enables the
registration, manufacturing and distribution of affordable high-quality
veterinary products, along with intensive training initiatives for
smallholder farmers and channel partners.

By working with FRI, Elanco aims to support improved animal husbandry
and health practices and effect behaviour change by sharing information
through the powerful medium of radio. The 13-week series will focus on
knowledge transfer on disease awareness, prevention and treatment,
including important topics such as fly, tick and rodent control,
Coccidiosis, Mycoplasmosis, poultry vaccination and product training
facilitated by Elanco,” explains Maria Zampaglione, Elanco One Health
and Shared Value advisor and project leader.

Livestock disease remains a significant threat to achieving food
security in East Africa where currently 25 percent of protein from farm
animals is lost due to animal illness1, reducing the supply
of high-quality milk, meat and eggs and creating significant economic
losses for farmers.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United
Nations (UN), 34 percent of the people in East Africa are undernourished2.

We think that radio presents a major opportunity to scale the important
work of Elanco on livestock keeping. We really want to go beyond a
simple one-way radio broadcast and instead build the capacity of local
radio stations to produce interactive radio programs that are truly
entertaining, two-way, and practical for the listening audience. We know
livestock health is a topic that is crucial to the North of Tanzania and
we are thrilled to have programs on the air to support small-scale
livestock farmers in the region,” says Mark Leclair, Farm Radio
International’s Manager of Communications.

Elanco’s goal through EAGA is to enable more than 240,000 dairy and
poultry smallholder farmers to access small sized quality products by
2020. The grant from the Bill Melinda Gates foundation further helps
achieve this goal of improving the lives of smallholder farmers through
sustainable livestock production.

Learn more about Elanco’s commitment to “Making
a Difference”
and the EAGA Shared Value project at Elanco.com.


1 – African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal resources (AU-IBAR).
Impact of livestock diseases in Africa. Published on 25 January 2013.
Accessed on 1st June 2018 on http://www.au-ibar.org/vacnada-livestock-diseases?showall=1limitstart

2 – FAO. 2017. Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition in
Africa 2017. The food security and nutrition–conflict nexus: building
resilience for food security, nutrition and peace. Accra. Accessed on
9th October 2018 on http://www.fao.org/3/a-i7967e.pdf.

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