SuccessKit Creates B2B Case Studies at Scale to Power the Sales Process

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SuccessKit today announced it has developed a game-changing, cloud-based
solution for B2B companies to create case studies 10x faster and 10x
cheaper and to put them at the sales team’s fingertips where they can be
leveraged the instant they are needed.

“Sales people succeed when they can quickly demonstrate how their
product will solve their prospects’ challenges, we created SuccessKit to
do that at scale,” said Julian Lumpkin, Co-Founder and CEO of
SuccessKit. “With validation content such as case studies, success
stories and testimonials centrally organized, SuccessKit allows sales
reps to quickly find and distribute highly targeted case studies to
their prospects.”

The most successful sales people and managers know that case studies and
success stories are at the heart of what drives successful sales. They
allow prospects to see how others have leveraged the product/solution to
solve the same issues and overcome the same pain points they have

SuccessKit does this by leveraging an easy-to-use, yet powerful
SaaS/Cloud-based application for case studies, success stories,
references and testimonials. SuccessKit systematically captures the most
important pieces of information for each of these “success assets,” and
then puts them at the fingertips of the sales team to engage prospects,
overcome objections, and earn confidence by using relevant real-life
examples from happy, successful clients. SuccessKit recently released a
Salesforce integration, which automatically recommends super targeted
content to users right in the CRM.

Lumpkin said, “Most B2B companies have about eight to 12 case studies.
Most of them are initiated through the marketing team and are developed
with their, not sales, strategic needs in mind. For example, if the
company has 5 vertical markets, they will often produce only 5 case
studies that broadly cover the vertical and its overarching pain points.
This approach clearly doesn’t give sales the specificity they require.
Sales teams want and need higher volumes of specific cases to
demonstrate to prospects the specific challenges and solutions to fit
their situation. SuccessKit enables this like nothing ever before.”

SuccessKit delivers a repeatable template and a process that can
dramatically cut the time and expense of developing case studies down to
a mere fraction.

About SuccessKit

SuccessKit was founded in January 2017 by highly successful sales people
with the intent of empowering the sales process by scaling how content
such as case studies, success stories and testimonials are created,
accessed and used at scale. In 2018, SuccessKit integrated with
Salesforce to further empower sales teams with the tools and techniques
they need to succeed. For more information and to contact SuccessKit,
please visit