Yapta Rolls Out Price Assurance and Analytics for Travelport Customers

the leading provider of airfare and hotel price assurance services,
today announced that it has extended its Intelligent Price Tracking and
Analytics services on Travelport’s global distribution system (GDS),
making it possible for even more customers in over 180 countries to
capture airfare and hotel savings from all points of sale.

Travelport has a leadership position in airline merchandising, hotel
content and distribution, car rental, mobile commerce and B2B payment
solutions. The company also provides critical IT services to airlines,
such as shopping, ticketing, departure control and other solutions. In
2017, the company processed approximately $83 billion in travel spend,
including $55 billion in air tickets.

“The reach of our price assurance services are unrivaled,” said James
Filsinger, President and CEO of Yapta. “We’ve worked hard to make price
assurance ubiquitous to the travel industry. By integrating across all
three of the leading GDS providers, our services are now accessible to
virtually every enterprise organization in the world.”

Yapta’s price assurance technology is used by more than 8,000 companies,
including 35 of the Fortune 100. On average, Yapta customers realize a
total trip savings of $369 per trip by tracking both airfare and hotel

FareIQ, Yapta’s airfare price assurance solution, provides in-depth,
24×7 analysis and insights into corporate airfares, spotlighting
opportunities to re-book tickets at lower prices, saving corporations
crucial TE dollars on a daily basis. Upon recognizing a savings
opportunity, FareIQ can automatically re-ticket air reservations without
the need of an intermediary agent. Companies adopting FareIQ see an
opportunity to save on more than 11 percent of all air travel
itineraries, with an average identified savings of $260 per ticket. Any
savings identified by FareIQ on behalf of its customers are over and
above any airline imposed change fees and agency re-booking fees,
ensuring customers see true value to their bottom line.

RoomIQ, Yapta’s hotel rate assurance solution, dynamically monitors U.S.
domestic and international hotel bookings, looking for rate reductions
at the same hotel. Once a savings opportunity has been identified,
RoomIQ then issues an alert in the local currency. Companies utilizing
RoomIQ see an opportunity to save on approximately 12 percent of all
hotel bookings tracked – with an average savings of $109 per booking.
Overall, RoomIQ has helped companies lower their ADR by 4.7 percent.

TravelAI, Yapta’s advanced analytics solution, allows procurement teams
and corporate travel managers to mine large datasets of travel spend for
new opportunities to reduce travel costs, evaluate against benchmarks,
and improve supplier negotiations.

For more information on how FareIQ, RoomIQ and TravelAI are delivering
real savings to managed travel programs, visit Yapta.com.

About Yapta
Yapta’s mission is simple: To give our customers
confidence in travel. To that end, we are the world’s leading company
for airfare and hotel rate price assurance, analytics, and cost savings.
We dynamically monitor billions of prices every month, and transform
that data into highly meaningful savings, insights, and reports. Since
2007, we’ve brought technology leadership to the travel landscape and
our 8,000+ corporate customers. Recently named to Deloitte’s Fast500 for
North America for 2017, Yapta pioneered the category of travel price
assurance. We’re driven to help build confidence in our customers’
travel programs. www.yapta.com