Dedalus UK is an ‘Active Supplier’ on the NHS Scotland HEPMA Framework

the largest European provider of healthcare information systems and #3
KLAS-rated for new clinical projects worldwide, was today named as an
‘Active Supplier’ on the NHS Scotland Hospital Electronic Prescribing
and Medicines Administration (HEPMA) framework. The framework, which is
valued at £15m, covers 14 regional health boards and 2 national
hospitals – the State Psychiatric Hospital and the Golden Jubilee
Hospital (a national centre for heart and lung services and a major
centre for orthopaedics). With only 2 boards’ implemented to-date – one
of which was implemented prior to the HEPMA framework establishment –
there is still a huge opportunity for Dedalus to facilitate
clinician-led e-prescribing and medicines administration that helps
improve the quality of care and increase medicines safety across

Following a very rigorous evaluation process covering a total of 1261
requirements, of which 462 were mandatory, Dedalus is pleased to have
achieved 100% compliance on all NHS Scotland core functional
specifications. Recognised by clinicians for its usability, and with a
powerful interoperability capability, the Dedalus’ ePMA has been
designed around clinical and ward-driven workflows across departments
and organisations for quality care integration and ease of adoption.

HEPMA solution
supports the entire Board-wide electronic prescribing
and medicines administration process. It expedites the whole patient
journey from pre-admission medicines history to discharge medications
for inpatients, outpatients and day cases. Designed from a clinical
viewpoint, this powerful web-based clinical workflow solution gives the
user an intuitive, easy to follow system that reflects daily practices
and significantly eases adoption and encourages user engagement. The
flexible underlying architecture can be aligned to support a wide
variety of clinical roles and care locations, overcoming many of the
disadvantages of the more rigid pharmacy stock management-based

The latest version of Dedalus’ ePMA solution, Planner for Care (P4C)
embodies HTML5 and the latest FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability
Resources) standards, Dedalus supports Windows, iOS and Android
operating systems and can therefore be used on a wide variety of
workstations, tablets or mobile devices for use by clinicians at the
bedside, on the drugs trolley, in the pharmacy or outpatient clinics.
The solution comes with the NHS dm+d (dictionary of medicines and
devices) catalogue as native. This, now mandatory, standard ensures the
safe and reliable transfer of medicines information between clinical
systems and cross-care settings. This, together with the in-built
Snomed-CT clinical coding, ensures the clarity of all patient ailments
and treatments throughout the care continuum.

“We are delighted to have been awarded this accreditation across
Scotland,” said Judy Smith, Managing Director at Dedalus Healthcare Ltd.
“Our acceptance as ‘Active Supplier’ ensures that we can bring the
powerful, user-friendly capabilities of HEPMA to Scottish clinicians and
we look forward to bidding on all upcoming mini-tenders. Our exceptional
4HealthSolutions interoperability platform, which underpins the Dedalus
portfolio, also ensures any existing hospital systems can be smoothly
integrated to provide a complete care record essential in meeting Scotland’s
Digital Health and Care Strategy

Implementing a hospital-wide system demands huge changes in working
practices and systems knowledge. At Dedalus, our Transformation team
offers proven methodologies to ensure Trusts take into account all
stakeholder needs, while harnessing the full potential of the workforce
and any existing systems, to jointly deliver a solution that meets the
operational needs of clinicians and improves patient care.

About Dedalus UK

Dedalus Healthcare Ltd is part of the Dedalus Group, which is the
largest European provider of healthcare information systems, with
implementations on 4 continents, in 25 countries and a multi-million
Euro RD budget. A specialist in interoperability and clinical workflow
solutions, Dedalus is at the forefront of new solutions development and
is now #3 KLAS-rated for new clinical projects worldwide.

With over 1,500 client hospitals and 22,000 GPs, Dedalus’ in the UK
focuses on interoperability, digital pathology, laboratory automation,
e-prescribing and medicines administration, asset tracking, digital
storage and population health management solutions – with particular
emphasis on cross boundary care.

In 2016 Dedalus S.p.A acquired Noemalife S.p.A with the full merger
being completed in 2017. In January 2018 Noemalife UK was officially
renamed Dedalus Healthcare Ltd.

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