Lowe Enterprises Investors Consolidates Ownership; Senior Management and Guardian form Broadshore Capital Partners™

Enterprises Investors (LEI)
, a national real estate investment
management company based in Los Angeles, announces that its longtime
equity partner, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
(Guardian), is acquiring the equity interest in LEI currently held by
Lowe Enterprises (Lowe). Upon completion of the transaction, the company
will be renamed Broadshore Capital Partners™, LLC, will retain all of
LEI’s existing staff and LEI’s senior management will have up to a 20
percent equity interest in the re-branded firm, with Guardian owning the
remainder. Current LEI Co-Chief Executive Officers Bradford W. Howe and
Bleecker P. Seaman, III will continue to lead the firm.

Upon completion of the transaction, which is expected in December 2018,
Broadshore Capital Partners will be 100 percent owned by Guardian and
the current LEI senior management team, whose collective ownership stake
will increase significantly. The transaction, the terms of which are
undisclosed, is the natural progression of Guardian’s 2010 investment in
LEI. Lowe, Guardian and LEI senior management mutually determined that a
new ownership structure was the best strategic course for all parties.
Lowe, a private real estate company established in 1972, continues to be
owned by the Lowe family and senior members of its management team; its
activities will not be impacted by the sale of its interest in LEI.

Broadshore Capital Partners will build upon the strong relationship we
have established with Guardian as we pursue strategic growth initiatives
and continue our commitment to the highest level of investment
management stewardship for our investors,” said Bradford W. Howe,
co-chief executive officer of Broadshore Capital Partners.

Broadshore Capital Partners will continue to manage more than $2 billion
in real estate investments on behalf of public pension funds, insurance
companies, international investors, and high-net-worth investors. As a
leading national real estate investment firm, the team will deliver
value creation strategies that leverage its expertise in multiple real
estate product types, while maintaining its longstanding commitment to
client service through a fiduciary mindset and transparency. The company
will continue to operate from offices in Los Angeles, Denver and

We look forward to continuing to leverage our specialized investment
teams, while offering even greater alignment with our clients,” added
Bleecker P. Seaman, III, co-chief executive officer of Broadshore
Capital Partners. “Broadshore Capital Partners offers a unique
opportunity to build upon an established investing platform and set the
stage for future growth and success.”

As a partner we’ve seen the strength of LEI’s leadership team
firsthand, and we’re excited to carry that forward with our increased
investment in Broadshore Capital Partners,” said Thomas Sorell, chief
investment officer at Guardian. “Like Guardian, the team is committed to
outperforming over the long term and we look forward to seeing
Broadshore continue to identify attractive real estate investment
opportunities for its clients.”


Founded in 1990 as Lowe Enterprises Investors (LEI), Broadshore Capital
Partners™, LLC is the re-branded entity following a buyout led by its
longtime partner The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
(Guardian). Upon the anticipated closing in December 2018, Broadshore
Capital Partners will be a leading national real estate investment
management and advisory services company with over $2 billion in assets
under management. The firm will provide real estate investment advisory
services to a select list of international institutions, public pension
funds, insurance companies and high net worth individuals. Broadshore
Capital Partners will remain based in Los Angeles and will retain
regional offices in Denver and Philadelphia.