MIXhalo Partners with Metallica on Its WORLDWIRED US Tour

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Technology company MIXhalo
will partner with Metallica to deliver studio-quality audio directly to
audiences on their WORLDWIRED US tour. Co-founded by music industry
veterans Michael Einziger and Ann Marie Simpson, MIXhalo sets a new
standard for live event audio, connecting fans directly to artist
performances through its innovative technology.

“We’ve solved the problem of bad sound at live events,” said MIXhalo
Co-Founder CEO, Michael Einziger. “MIXhalo unlocks the mixing board,
and fans hear the performance the same way the artists do on stage. With
MIXhalo, every seat is the best sounding seat in the house.”

Through the MIXhalo app, users can hear the performance directly from
the mixing board with their own smartphones and ear buds. The concert
will be mixed specifically for headphones, and the app will allow fans
to tune in to individual mixes that feature specific instruments. The
technology has been tested extensively at more than 50 live performances
and festivals around the world. At tour stops across the U.S.,
Metallica’s Hardwired and Whiplash VIPs will get exclusive access to
studio-quality audio through the MIXhalo app and fans in any other
section can experience the sound at listening stations throughout the

MIXhalo is supported by advisors and investors that including Pharrell
Williams, Marc Geiger (WME), Drew Houston (Dropbox), and many other
critical influencers in the music and tech industries. More information
is available at MIXhalo.com.


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