A Runway Show Featuring a Group of Some of the World's Oldest Female Performers Held in China’s Boluo, One of the World’s Longevity Villages

HUIZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A runway show starring some of the world’s oldest female performers,
average age 90, was recently held in China’s Boluo county, one of the
world’s longevity villages that is also known for its water-abundant
landscape. Through the performance, the women have showcased the healthy
and vibrant lifestyles of the some of the longest living people residing
in the county.

Each place has its own way of supporting its inhabitants. A good natural
environment can help improve their health. All ten members of the
performing group came from Boluo where 10.1 out of 100,000 residents are
aged 100 or above, exceeding the United Nations’ standard for qualifying
as a longevity locale. With an average life expectancy four years above
the national average, the county, which regards its longest-living
inhabitants as a valuable resource, is also home to several of families
where all members have lived to a ripe old age, some with five
generations under the same roof.

With an outstanding natural environment, high-quality natural mineral
water, and several longest-living inhabitants who, according to the UN’s
standards, may qualify as some of the world’s oldest living persons,
Boluo has been named as one of the world’s longevity villages. The local
government plans to promote the county as the world’s longevity hotspot
through the hosting of a number of promotional events, including the
runway show. The show was designed to support the national policy of
promoting the sustainable and harmonious development of the aging
community and to guide in embracing, respecting and assisting the
elderly while helping to raise their self-esteem, self-confidence and
ability to continue supporting themselves.