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With the recent increase in advertising and other marketing campaigns,
companies need to incorporate various forms of media to reach the widest
possible audience. The demographics of these platforms vary
substantially and makes it difficult for businesses to deliver their
messages. Integrated marketing ensures that various marketing strategies
align smoothly and communicate the same brand story across all channels.

What is integrated marketing and why do companies need it?

Integrated marketing is a strategic approach opted by companies to
create a unified and interactive user experience with the
brand/enterprise. Integrated marketing strategies cover all aspects of
marketing such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct
marketing, and social media, through their respective mix of tactics,
methods, channels, media, and activities to target specific audiences
across all channels. An integrated marketing strategy helps companies to
offer a user-centric and personalized experience to customers along with
detailed insights into customer interests and behavior.

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According to the experts at Infiniti Research, “Integrated
marketing strategies help businesses to devise an effective marketing
campaign and improvise their marketing strategies in accordance with the
ongoing trends.”

How to build and execute a comprehensive integrated marketing

Determine the correct metrics to track

Companies need to determine their objectives and follow the right
metrics before analyzing the outcomes of their marketing campaigns. For
instance, if the aim of any organization is to increase brand awareness,
then they need to monitor their web page and traffic received from it.
They need to analyze the type of content that is driving the attention
of their audience and set their weekly or monthly targets accordingly. Want
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Back up your strategy with marketing automation

Marketing automation helps businesses to effectively market their
content across multiple online channels and automate repetitive tasks.
This helps in better positioning of brands and increases conversion
rates. Moreover, it helps organizations automate their processes and
enhance the productivity of the organization.

Enhance your customer experience

Initially, integrated marketing was mainly considered for integration of
channels, tactics, and the reinforcement of campaigns. However, the
basic function of integrated marketing is to optimize customer
experience and act upon it. This includes engaging with customers
through the overall life cycle and journey. To know the scope of
integrated marketing strategies,
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