Nutrisystem, Inc. to Ring Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell on January 2

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nutrisystem, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTRI),
a leading provider of weight management products and services including Nutrisystem®,
Beach Diet®
, and DNA Body Blueprint™, announced today
that the company will ring the Nasdaq Stock Market Opening Bell at the
Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square on January 2, 2019. The bell ringing
will open Nasdaq’s annual Wellness Week, which kicks off healthy living
in the New Year.

“Ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq this time of year is a wonderful
Nutrisystem tradition and acts as an official kick off to our new year,”
said Dawn Zier, CEO of Nutrisystem, Inc. “We’re excited to be
introducing the Nutrisystem FreshStart™ program, the new South
Beach Diet Keto-Friendly
 program and our groundbreaking DNA Body
Blueprint™ product, along with our industry-leading Food and Nutrition
mission for 2019.”

The Nutrisystem FreshStart program provides a combination of
balanced, results-driven nutrition with a flexible dining approach,
along with highly personalized, technical support. Nutrisystem is also
debuting its Healthy Living Team, which includes chefs, nutritionists,
registered dieticians and Nutrisystem counselors, all dedicated to
helping customers eat in a way that satisfies, delivers results and
achieves optimal well-being. The company is also introducing all new FreshStart™ Shakes,
which are high in protein, contain probiotics, and chromium picolinate
to reduce body fat.

As with all Nutrisystem programs, FreshStart delivers safe
and effective weight loss. Backed by clinical results, customers can
expect to jumpstart their weight loss by up to 13 pounds in the first
month, which testimonials indicate is a motivating factor for staying on
the path to healthier living.

The South Beach Diet Keto-Friendly program is designed to be a
low-carb, high-fat dietary pattern consistent with a “keto” diet. This
new program was inspired by the growing trend toward health-conscious
consumers pursuing keto lifestyle and products, which have been
associated with health benefits, weight loss and performance. The
keto-friendly program option offers consumers the ability to adapt the
South Beach Diet to make it more “keto.” All South Beach customers will
receive the new, keto-friendly South Beach Simply Fit™ Shakes
with 3 grams of net carbohydrates per serving, added minerals such as
potassium, magnesium and calcium for hydration, and MCT oil — one of the
top nutrients included in keto diets. Simply Fit Shakes
also deliver 20g of protein per serving and probiotics to support
digestive health and the immune system.

The existing and proven South Beach Diet program, which is high in lean
protein and low in carbohydrates and added sugar, remains available for
those who do not wish to follow the keto-friendly option. Customers on
the South Beach Diet program can expect to lose up to seven pounds in
the first seven days on the program, a motivating start to a healthier

Last year, the company announced the launch of DNA Body Blueprint™, a
genetic-based product using a proprietary algorithm that provides an
integrated personal action plan focused on eating behaviors, nutrition
and metabolism. This year, the addition of exercise and fitness specific
genetic traits represents the continual evolution of providing
comprehensive personalized wellness information to our customers. The
newly enhanced report features results that can affect how an
individual’s body responds to exercise, thus supporting the design of
optimal training plans that help one reap the most benefit from their

The company’s Food and Nutrition mission for 2019 is to make its foods
fresher, its labels cleaner, and its approach to ingredients more
transparent. The company developed a list of 71 Restricted Ingredients
and set a goal to eliminate seven more over the next year. The
restriction of these ingredients more closely aligns Nutrisystem foods
with popular, clean label food retailers and the Center for Science in
the Public Interest. The full list of these 71 Restricted Ingredients is
published here.
Nutrisystem’s foods already contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners;
no colors from artificial sources; no high fructose corn syrup; and no
artificial trans fats.

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