Separating the Men from the Boys: Gillette® Campaign Inspires Men to Re-Examine What It Means to Be Their Best

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Thirty years after first introducing the tagline “The Best A Man Can
Get,” Gillette (NYSE: PG) is taking a fresh look at what it means to be
“the best” and how we continue to portray those ideals in a modern way.
Because in a world where the actions of the few can taint the reputation
of the many, we know there’s work to be done – together.

“Gillette believes in the best in men,” said Gary Coombe, president, PG
Global Grooming. “By holding each other accountable, eliminating excuses
for bad behavior, and supporting a new generation working toward their
personal ‘best,’ we can help create positive change that will matter for
years to come.”

Today, Gillette is introducing a new marketing campaign and charitable
program dedicated to celebrating the stories of men making a positive
impact, and to inspire others in the process. The program-leading short
, entitled We Believe, begins
with a compilation of actions commonly associated with “toxic
masculinity.” More importantly, it then showcases examples of how men
can take actions large and small to create meaningful change for
themselves, their loved ones, their peers and set the right example for
the next generation of men. Because it’s only by challenging ourselves
to do more that we get closer to our best.

In addition to debuting the short film, Gillette is taking action by
committing to donating $1 million per year for the next three years to
non-profit organizations executing programs in the United States
designed to help men of all ages achieve their personal “best.” Through
this commitment, we want to both deliver and inspire more:

  • RESPECT – Demonstrating respect and fostering inclusivity for all,
    including genders, races, religions and orientations.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Ending phrases like “Boys Will Be Boys” and
    eliminating the justification of bad behavior.
  • ROLE MODELING – Inspiring men to help create a new standard for boys
    to admire. We want boys to see and admire traits like honesty,
    integrity, hard work, empathy and respect – words that people across
    the U.S. use when describing what a great man looks like.

“In our last decade of work on the theory of masculinity in modern
America, we’ve sought to understand both the internal and external
forces that shape men’s attitudes, beliefs and actions,” said Drs.
William Seymour, Ramel Smith, and Hector Torres of the Building
a Better Man Project
. “We’re honored to partner with Gillette as
they seek to champion causes that can make a positive impact on men and

Our first partner in this effort is The
Boys Girls Clubs of America
. Positive experiences at Boys
Girls Clubs provide young men with the important social and emotional
skills they need to communicate effectively, to work with others, and
develop coping mechanisms in order to face challenging situations. These
skills are critical in everyday life and to the success of young people.
With more than 4,300 Clubs across the country, Boys Girls Clubs’
singular mission is to ensure that youth in America have the
opportunities that set them up for success so that they graduate on-time
with a plan for their futures, where they live healthy lifestyles and
give back to their communities.

“As the world’s largest marketer to men, we knew that joining the
dialogue on ‘Modern Manhood’ would mean changing how we think about and
portray men at every turn,” said Gary Coombe, president, PG Global
Grooming. “As a starting point, and effective immediately, Gillette will
review all public-facing content against a set of defined standards
meant to ensure we fully reflect the ideals of Respect, Accountability
and Role Modeling in the ads we run, the images we publish to
social media, the words we choose, and more. For us, the decision to
publicly assert our beliefs while celebrating men who are doing things
right was an easy choice that makes a difference.”


In preparation for this initiative, Gillette conducted a national study*
of U.S. men and women to understand how they would define the attributes
of a man “at his best.” The results emphasize the outsized importance of
“soft” skills in today’s modern man – and most particularly the
application of those skills to the role of fatherhood.

  • The four traits that define a “great man” for the majority of
    respondents, regardless of gender, are:

    • Honesty (64%)
    • Moral integrity (51%),
    • Hard-working (43%),
    • Respectful to others (41%).
  • Men and women universally agree that being a good father is one of the
    most important things a great man does (95%). Other positive actions
    for “great men” include:

    • Setting a good example for others (96% agree),
    • Stepping in and taking action when he sees someone in need (95%
      find this important).

As Gillette and our partners work together in the development of
national programs that will inspire positive actions in men everywhere,
we encourage you to visit to
and @Gillette social channels for information on getting involved, and
to share your stories. Because in taking actions both big and small
together, we can collectively live up to what it really means to be The
Best A Man Can Get

* Methodology:

Ketchum Global Research Analytics (KGRA) designed and analyzed an
online survey of men and women, ages 18 and over, in the United States
(1,188 respondents total). The survey was conducted with a margin of
error of +/- 3.07 at the national level with a 95% confidence level.

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